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    LANrev 7.3.1 - Final Patch?

    sgillaspy Apprentice

      So we need to know...is LANrev 7.3.1 released October 28, 2016 the final patch of LANrev?


      Is LANrev 7.3.1 being retired atogether, or rolled into LANDesk somehow?



      You took our maintenance money - you owe your users an answer this week--and not some distant time in the future.


      We need the answer from Invanti and not some well-meaning end-user.



      Thank you

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          arlenb Rookie

          Thank you for your question about LANrev and MDM products.  From a product perspective we are very excited about the merger between HEAT and LANDESK to form Ivanti.  The merged companies bring much more scale and ability to deliver differentiated products.  We are committed to the UEM market, we are committed to the MDM market and we are committed to Apple devices and relationship.  The great news is that between the two companies we have more resources for each of these then we had independently. LANrev will continue to be supported and enhanced.  We are meeting daily to plan out the unified product strategy that will merge the best of both company’s capabilities.  We look forward to having more details to share with you in the coming weeks and months.


          Arlen Beylerian


          Product Manager

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            robert_mclaughlin@msvl.k12.wa.us Rookie

            Thank you for the update Arlen. I am a little concerned with two of the phrases in your response and wonder if you can provide additional information.. 1.) LANRev will continue to be supported and enhanced: Does this mean that ongoing product version updates will take place? Or is this just implying that you will continue to support, and fix, the version we have now?  2.) We are committed to Apple devices and relationship: I have heard that support for Windows devices will be phased out of the product line. Is this an indication of that?  We use LANRev extensively for Windows, Mac and iOS devices.  Thanks so much for your feedback! 

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              arlenb Rookie

              Hello Robert,


              Yes, LANrev will have additional releases that will deliver incremental value.  We are working on getting version 7.3.2 out as soon as possible.  We are prioritizing features for future releases as well.  The comment about Apple was to reinforce the relationship importance since we are one of the few vendors who have a close ties with Apple.  It does not imply any lack of focus on Windows devices.  Hope this helps.

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                jaygraham Rookie

                Are windows devices being phased out?

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                  arlenb Rookie

                  No Jason.  With the merger we have more resources for Windows.

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                    tkamps Rookie



                    Hi, as both a user and reseller can you define "additional releases that will deliver incremental value"? That sounds like maintenance mode with no new features other than compatibility. It would be helpful know as a user and reseller if I should start looking at other products to recommend and understand how you plan to support existing customers? Without a roadmap, I can't recommend current and new clients look at LANrev. As I have understood it, most LANrev folks are gone including Bao, Martin, Tim and Peter.




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                      arlenb Rookie

                      We recognize that the merger has created an overlap of product offerings. It is also clear that each product has its strengths. Our goal is to leverage the best of our products and provide the best solution to our customers. As you can imagine there is a lot of research being spent on what this looks like. In the meantime, continuing to support each of the products makes sense. You should feel confident using and selling our products, as it is our intention to support our newest and most tenured customers through any transition. We are working to create a clearer picture of the future and will provide that information as soon as it makes sense to do so.

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                        tkamps Rookie

                        Arlen, thanks for the reply but you did not define "additional releases that will deliver incremental value". Additionally the rest sounds like a nice way of saying "we're going to be dropping products but we are not ready to announce that LANrev is being EOL'd as a product. It gives me absolutely (no pun intended) confidence to recommend it to future clients and to make sure my current clients have a plan to move to another company's product by the time the hammer falls. If LANrev was going to be the core of the "best product",  I think the core LANrev folks would still be there. I did not get any indication that those folks are part of the future. I'd love to be wrong. -Tim

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                          brett.chadwick Apprentice

                          Proof through action, LanRev 7.3.2 released on the 30th of March.

                          The download can be accessed via the current Heat customer portal.


                          The release notes can be found here to see what has been added.




                          Key Highlights


                          ·       Configuration profile enhancements

                          ·       Ability to hide “Install All” button on LANrev Apps by default

                          ·       Support for new MacBook Pro



                          lanrev 7.3 lanrev 7.3.2

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                            mreggers Rookie

                            Any update on the roadmap?


                            I called my local Ivanti office who said a product manager would get back in touch with me but I still haven't heard back. So basically I have no idea what is going on and my renewal is coming up in a few months.


                            If the radio silence continues about the future of the product I don't think I have a choice but to swap to something else.