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    How to open incident from incident object matching panel

    geroms Apprentice

      We are using Incident Object Matching to find all existing active incidents for the customer that the new incident is being logged for. And this process is working well. I would like to be able to go directly to an incident found in the Object Matching panel though if needed. For example, if you see that you are about to log a duplicate ticket, you could just simply go directly to the existing ticket and abandon the new one that you were about to create. Currently, we can click on the incident number from the Object Matching panel, which displays the incident in one of our incident forms, however there’s no way to actually get to that incident (unless you pull it up in a search of course).


      Within the Object Matching settings, you can Edit Preview and from there you have an option to “Add New Button” however that doesn’t work. I believe the purpose of those buttons are just to allow you to update fields within the incident. And if so, I’m thinking that maybe there might be a way to add a button to the actual form that the Object Matching is displaying… I just wouldn’t know how to create a Quick Action button that would essentially open the incident that you are viewing.