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    Dynamically collecting email addresses for Team notification

    mbath61 Apprentice

      Issue and Resolution #14012
      How to collect the email addresses for all individual Team Members when their Team is assigned to an Incident/Task/Service Request (other Business Object)


      I found the solution above on the support site. It dynamically collects the emails of each team member  $(ForEachChild("StandardUserTeam#", OwnerTeam_Valid, "Employee#", "PrimaryEmail + '; '")) via workflow, storing the long string in a large text field of the Incident (or other ticket). This field can then be used to address the email. The workflow triggers when the Team assignment is created or changed.


      We are doing our initial configurations and customizations now, and it seems that replacing Team Emails for notifications with some variation of this would dynamically update the email address list for new/updated assignments after a member has been added to a team.


      Using the OOTB Team Email solution requires creation and maintenance of numerous Distribution Lists in Outlook. We want to keep this with the HEAT Admin instead . We had been considering pairing a Contact Group with each team and using a quick action to update the Group membership from the Team, but if this can be implemented it would eliminate a number of Contact Groups and remove the maintenance as team membership grows.


      I'm also wondering, whether this might be stored separately or incorporated in the Team object and accessed via a relationship. It would remove the redundancy of these strings in each incident, problem, etc.


      I am new to HSM and would appreciate your thoughts on the concept and it's execution.

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