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    Object Matching in Service Requests

    c.reinhardt84 Apprentice



      does anybody manage to get the object matching function working in the Service request object?

      We try to do this but we run into a couple of issues. The moost anoying is the following:


      We implemented the object matching functionality for the Service request process similar to the Incident process. So we added a search field in Service Request Header which searches the KB. If you fill in a search word, the found KBA is shown on the right site.


      Now we have the following issue (steps to reproduce the issue):


      1. Create a new request and fill all required fields. – Save
      2. Use the KB search field to search for a KBA.
      3. Click on the KBA and select the option “Link and Fullfill”
      4. Nothing happens, the ticket is still active.
      5. Change any value on the ticket (urgency,…) and save.
      6. Search the KB again with the search field and repeat the step number 3. The ticket is now fulfilled.


      It only works after the ticket is saved again. Instead of changing the ticket, it is also possible to reload the whole application. This helps to fulfill the ticket.

      We need the system to fulfill the ticket without having an additional change to be done by the user to this ticket.


      We tested it with our customized implementation and also with the out of the box version. We were able to reproduce the issue there as well.