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    Updating Based on a TypeofOrganizational Unit

    mbath61 Apprentice

      I am trying to set a custom field for FC_CustomerType in my Employee object based on the  TypeofOrganizationalUnit of the employees OU, but getting no results. The following case statement shows two of the ways I have tried to trigger it

      • $(case
        when  [link:OrgUnitLink]TypeofOrganizationalUnit == "Internal"   then "Employee"
        when  [OrganizationalUnit#.]TypeofOrganizationalUnit == "County"   then "County"
        else    "Public")

      Neither updates the FC_CustomerType field


      I have successfully updated Employee.Team based on OrgUnitLink, but when I set On Change to OUL for this, it does not include FC_CustomerType in the Set dropdown. Any ideas why?