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    How to prevent existing journals from being modified


      I would like to prevent people from being able to modify the notes field on existing journals. I’m not really seeing an easy way to do this under Roles and Permissions. Within “Object Permissions”, I can control Add / View / Edit however deselecting any of these will basically prevent them from having any access to make updates, even on new journals. I thought that editing the “Lifecycle” column in this section would do the trick. In there you see “Allow Editing when object is in final state” however the “Allow Editing” box in here is already unchecked and people can still make edits on existing journals.


      The only place that I could find to do this was under the “Access” column within Object Permissions. This will take you to a page where you can define a criteria for who has access and when. In here I added the criteria below and this seemed to do the trick. I’m just wondering if there is another way of doing this?  You would think there'd be an option somewhere that could just simply prevent edits on existing (saved) objects but I can't seem to find that anywhere.


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          Update on this... the steps that I outlined actually will NOT work.  Setting that access criteria will prevent users from being able to edit journal notes that aren't theirs but it will also prevent them from viewing those notes as well.  Which makes sense I guess since the option in the drop down is "Update and View".  And there is not option to just restrict "Update".  Only options are "Update and View" and "View".


          So, does anyone know of any way that you can prevent users from making changes to a journal that was previously saved by someone else?  We were able to control this in Heat Classic but I can't find a way to do it in Heat Service Management. 

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            My setup was already configured when I found it, but this is how we have it:


            - Create (is is not already created) a boolean field called "IsNewRecord" and set it an Initialization rule to "true"

            - Set the fields to Read only when IsNewRecord is False

            - Create a Before Save rule to change IsNewRecord to "false"


            Not editing notes after save




            As soon as someone (or even the system if it is an automated Note), saves a Note, the field gets changed to false and all the fields that you selected are Read Only (You can leave "Publish to Web" editable, for example, so if you later decide it can be useful, you can change it).


            Hope this works for you.



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              That works.  Thank you!