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    Heat Voice Opinions


      Who is using Heat Voice and if so, what do you think of it? I find it odd that there is little activity in the Voice/IPCM forum.

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          Gazz Apprentice

          We have recently install the voice piece, has been very useful. Has most of the normal functionality of queues, wait music and messages...


          Also the call dashboard has been really useful as we can now see how many agents are logged in, how many calls waiting, abandoned calls, average wait time etc.



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            SusanJS Specialist

            Our three service desks in IT and also our HR service center use it.  To be honest, once it's setup correctly, there is rarely changes to it.  As a HEAT Product Administrator, I would say I spend maybe 20% of my time on Voice and 80% on ITSM and my guess is it is probably similar with other administrators as well so that could be the reason for not much activity?

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              We have been using IPCM for several years now.  We use the system for automation (Call avoidance), as well as call routing.  The automation piece has been a huge win for our company.  We have multiple call centers with different needs using the system.  We have a full time resource dedicated to process improvements and develop of this system.  I would be happy to answer any other questions you may have regarding this system.