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    Clear fields in Request

    Gazz Apprentice



      How do I go about clearing a previously selected option in a RO. Once selected if you then decide on another option it does not clear the previous selection. The only option is to cancel the request and start again.

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          AlasdairRobertson ITSMMVPGroup

          If the request is submitted then you can edit the request as the end user (enable the option in the RO settings) or as an analyst (unlock the SRP using a quick action).  You can give analysts quick actions to just update specific SRP's as well with prompt boxes if needed.


          Can yo give the example your trying the achieve?

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            phan10ms Apprentice

            I have a similar question.  I have designed a request offering with a checkbox that automatically populates the current user information upon checking the checkbox.  However, how do I make it so that if the user changes their mind on the checkbox during the form submission, it clears out all fields?

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              wynnb Specialist

              I have a need for this also. Similar to phan10ms's example: I'm trying to include an option field (could be a list, drop-down, or checkbox) and some following fields will be dependent on the option chosen - for visibility, and/or required settings. If they pick an option, fill in some following fields, then decide they picked the wrong option, I need those subsequent fields to be cleared. Even if a subsequent field is another list, dropdown or checkbox.


              Is this possible?