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    Query builder - Reverse sort-order?

    JSMCPN Expert

      Hello, I have a (maybe stupid) question about building a query via 32-bit console:


      When I expand the SELECT COLUMNS and add the items I want to include in my query, I can specify which Machine Component to sort the query results by.  However, it sorts them in 0-9/A-Z which is fine most of the time, but I want this particular query to sort in REVERSE order.  Is this possible?


      Basically, I have created a custom inventory extender, and because not all machines have run the script yet, when I run my query on that new data, the Sort Order organizes all the machines WITHOUT any data to the top, and all the machines with data to the bottom.  I just want to reverse that.



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          Hello JSMCPN,

          I assume you're talking reports, not queries, right?

          With queries, you just click once the column header in the console to have all lines sorted in ascending or descending order as required.


          With reports based on a query, this is currently not possible with LDMS 8.8sp3. The report designer doesn't allow to choose from ascending or descending order.If your company holds a valid PMA (Professional Maintenance Agreement) then I would suggest you submit an Enhancement Request for this.

          Thank you,



          Frederic Mauclaire

          EMEA Technical Support Engineer