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    How to Link CIs and Support Relationship for Help Desk Staff?

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         How does your Help Desk staff know to assign Incidents and Service Request when the customer does not use the Self Service portal, but calls the Help Desk?  We have a Help Desk that supports Incident and Service requests for our customers. We have over 39 Service CIs, 300 Enterprise Application CIs, 120 Desktop productivity CIs, 35 lines of business and 2500 customers. We have application and technical support staff that support multiple products and services. The difficulty for our Help Desk staff is knowing what Services and CIs are assigned to whom for support. Most of our calls go to the Help Desk and not through the Customer portal where there are templates that assign calls and CIs accurately. For the HelpDesk staff the information in HEAT is flipped. I actually have to give them an Excel spreadsheet that shows the relationship of the Enterprise App CIs to the Service CI to the support teams so they know how to complete the ticket. This is not very efficient. 

          I recognize in other organizations where Help Desk staff is assigned to support very specific services this may not be much of an issue. For our HelpDesk is a major problem. So bottom line, is we need a way for HEAT to support the relationship between Service.CI, Enterprise Application.CI and Desktop ProductivityApp.CI and OwnerTeam and Owner without having to create a Request Offering or Incident template for every iteration of our Service Catalog. Any suggestions?  

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