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    Difference between workflow blocks?

    keifer2008 Apprentice



      I was wondering if someone could explain what the Task/Template Instantiation Workflow Block does and how would I use it? What's the difference between it and the Task block? I'm finding the help documentation doesn't clear nor provide many examples on usage...



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          daveb1 Apprentice

          One of the differences is that the Task/Template can be used to create many tasks via the Fulfillment Item Package and Task Catalog objects.  Take a look at the workflow on the Fulfillment Item BO.  It uses the Task/Template Instantiation block.  Basically you can create a fulfillment item package with a set of tasks as a template, then create a fulfillment item (under a service request) that uses a particular fulfillment item package.  It will (via the workflow) create all of the tasks that are associated with the package on the fulfillment item.