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    Customer Running a Report from a Link in a Notification

    louise.piper@it.ox.ac.uk Apprentice

      We currently list journal entries and emails related to an Incident in My Items in Self Service, but our customers often ask if they can see this in a more digestible format so that they can see the entire history of an Incident. So we are about to publish a 'View Incident History' report via a quick action on the Incident screen.


      To assist in this we'd like to embed a link in the 'Incident Resolved' notification sent to the customer, inviting them to view the 'View Incident History' report. The idea is that they'd click the link, it would log them into Self Service, take them direct to the Incident and seamlessly run the report for that Incident.


      I've had a look through the Help documentation regarding 'Logging In or Accessing Records Using URLs' but cannot see anything about running a quick action (or report).


      Has anyone done anything similar please?


      Thanks in advance