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    Change Workflow with multiple CAB's

    elaronga Rookie

      We have ten CAB groups, eight for external customers and one each for Technical Support and IT Security.  At any point in time 'Approval' could be required from up to three of those groups.  The Change Workflow Get Approval block only allows Approver selection for one group.  I've added fields to the Change form to identify which groups I would need approval from but am not sure how to configure the Workflow.  Is there a way to configure my workflow to handle this situation?




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          AlasdairRobertson ITSMMVPGroup

          I would look to have multiple contact groups, one for each CAB group, you can then call them in the approval workflow blocks.  All you have to do is then call multiple approvals as per your business process.


          If you identify the approval groups on the change form then you can specify the field as part of the Approval Block set up.

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