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    trigger request offering by e-mail

    wernerbj Apprentice



      is it possible to trigger a workflow based Service request with a specific workflow by sending an E-Mail to heat?

      The Goal:

      There is a vendor which sends automaticly an E-Mail to us. This E-Mail informs the IT-Department to update one of our Systems. So the workflow must create a Task to the Team and send an email to the customer when the update is finished.


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          stapletj@tbh.net Apprentice

          our web filter allows people to fill out a request to unblock. It sends an email to HEAT, which is caught by the Incident handler, since we only have one email listener set up.


          We have a workflow that listens for a specific subject line, then creates a task, as so. You could use a task block instead. 



          Inside the If block:

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            wernerbj Apprentice

            Thanks for your answer. It is a very good idea. We are actualy using a xml parser to differ between attaching email to service request and incident. Therefore I can extend this parser to set a specific flag on incoming service request which triggers a workflow directly implemented in BO ServiceReq.