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    Screwed up integration during an upgrade

    edkk Rookie

      Noob here.  Sorry.  


      I recently ran an upgrade of our CM 1606 environment, which is where we installed Patchlink Datacenter and when the upgrade ran, my console upgraded.  This means that our patchlink integration is gone for dc and Heat's 3rd party update products as well.


      How can I re-integrate those into my SCCM Console?  



      Also, I am unable to login to the Heat Patchlink Datacenter using an account that is assigned Administrator rights to the system.  I can RDP into the server, and I can login via the browser to DC using the account we installed with, but I'm unable to login using an account that has been assigned admin access within DC (I checked using the other account).  Any ideas on where I need to go to resolve this?