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    Copying quickactions between business objects

    stapletj@tbh.net Apprentice

      is there a function to copy quickactions between business objects? 


      I am adding some buttons to Knowledge, but they don't run from the Knowledge context properly, they have to be run from FRS_Knowledge#IssueResolution, FRS_Knowledge#IDocument, etc.


      I would rather not re-create each one 6 times. 



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          AlasdairRobertson ITSMMVPGroup

          The simple answer is no, in 2016.x they did make some changes to the way grouped objects work with business rules from the parent object effecting the children.  The QA definition will exist in the database but I have not attempted to extract and modify one at that level, nor would recommend it.


          I wrote a function recently for a customer who wanted to get email receipts for delivered equipment so I created just a CI quick action to trigger it rather than one for each CI type.  I think it is dependant on the fields you are trying to update, if the fields are on the child objects rather than the parent you cannot update them from the parent.  There is also no way of move a field from a child up to the parent level either it can only be added to other children which is annoying.

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            Donna Apprentice

            I'd like this too.

            I'd also like to be able to copy forms between CI business objects too or a template form between them

            doing the same form or quick action repeatedly is tedious.