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    New AppStore App - whoosh

    holger.weeres@heatsoftware.com Apprentice

      Hi Everyone,


      we have just posted a new App posted to the AppStore by one of our Innovation partners Freedom Manufaktur out of Germany.


      The App is called "whoosh ivants" and allows for quick and secure on demand execution of any executable or task on windows endpoints endpoints via HEAT SM Quick Action or predefined workflows.


      This App was purpose build by this Software Development house for HEAT SM and overcomes the usual security challenges such as the the need to open firewalls on the endpoint itself. It also offers a gateway component to avoid having to utilize VPNs to reach the onPremise clients from the cloud.


      Any executable can be pre-defined in HEAT SM and then called via quick action or as part of a workflow. The resulting tasks are then savely destributed to the desired endpoint, executed with administrative priviledges, and the returncodes are fed back into the HEAT system.


      Things that usually require the SDR to initiate a rmote control session to the endpoint and manually run the application can now be done with the click of one button. Some examples could be 

      - execute a disk clean-up

      - Restart a particular service 

      - start a remote control session on the endpoint

      - Reactivate a local user or  admin account


      Check it out.