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    Is anyone using Self-Service Mobile (At All) and If so how did you handle Purchasing/Cost/Quantity?


      We're currently live using Self-Service Mobile or as we call it "Self Service 2.0" we've fully invested ourselves in the web/mobile version for all of our request offerings. This however has come with a significant amount of challenges.


      The largest of which has and continues to be our Purchasing Service Request Offerings.


      I'm putting this out there to see if anyone else is using the new Self-Service Mobile Site with a purchasing to discuss how you accomplished it.


      We know the integrated Self Service (not mobile) works perfectly fine with purchasing, you can do else/if statements in expression, and hide/unhide works but in Mobile if there is a calculating value associated with a "hidden" field you get parameter errors etc.  so looking for folks who are using the newer mobile version.