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    Auto Close functionality


      Hi All,


      We are utilizing the out of box email listeners using the EWS protocol. 2016.1 on-premise


      Once we are done with an incident it gets marked as "Resolved" and then a workflow marks the incident as "Closed" after X days if there is no further correspondence from the customer. If we receive a response  to the resolved incident within the defined threshold the case is set to active and the owner is notified. 


      We are curious to see if anyone has had success with ignoring "Thank You" responses in a scenario that I've described. We would like to reduce any false positives on any re-activation's if possible. . 

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          vee Specialist

          Hi Michael,


          This is definitely something we'd like to do as well. I'm one step behind you however, could you please share where you've created your rules for opening the job when an email is received on a job which is resolved?

          I'm not quite sure in which workspace I should be looking.


          Thanks heaps for your help.


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            are you asking about to trigger the workflow below?

            workflow marks the incident as "Closed" after X days

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              vee Specialist

              Hi Michael,


              Thank you for your reply. No I was wondering how I go about making a Resolved Incident go back to Active when it receives an email. Is this a trigger configured on Journal.Email where it checks if the Incident is Resolved upon insertion of the incoming email?

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                dnotti2@gmail.com Apprentice

                One way to accomplish this would be to create a business rule on the Incident object, where anytime a new Journal.Email is created (as Incoming) then update the Incident Status with something like this:


                $(iif((Status == "Resolved"),

                If you want to add another status like "Resolution Rejected" to indicate a rejected resolution, instead of going back to "Active", that would be a possibility as well. 


                This does not solve the issue that Michael was trying to resolve and even parsing the email for the "Thank you" key word would not work, because that would also be a very common signage to be left in most emails.  I think it would come down to training customers, or adding a line in the resolution email that says "don't respond to this email unless you issue is not resolved".

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                  That is more or less how we approached the Status trigger, thank you for chiming in.


                  As for my original question, I think we will end up using a slightly more manual logic that I found on a zendesk forum.


                  Holding area referenced below would be some kind of dashboard filtering on updated case Boolean.

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