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    Use a default email address in LDAP when none is present in AD


      We are setting up 2016.2 and are using LDAP to bring in our employees.  We have several employees that do not have email accounts but can log in.  In the LDAP settings we want to set a default email address if the AD email field is blank.  On the HEAT Contact Field mapping when I check the Use Default and enter any value it does not work.  Does anyone know a way to get the HEAT field to use [email protected]?  Where samaccountname is LoginID.


      This is the error in the log.


      Update CN=Peter Park,OU=ANC,OU=LTIA,OU=User Accounts,DC=Lynden,DC=com failed: System.ApplicationException: Item 'CN=Peter Park,OU=ANC,OU=LTIA,OU=User Accounts,DC=Lynden,DC=com' does not contain required property 'mail'.
      at SaaS.WebUI.Services.LdapService.FillFieldValuesFromEntry(ISessionContext sessionContext, IDictionary`2 fieldValues, BusinessObjectToLdapDirectoryMapping mapping, SearchResultEntry ldapEntry, ITableMetaData employeeMetadata, Boolean isOpenLdap, Boolean skipExisting, Boolean throwExceptions)
      at SaaS.WebUI.Services.LdapService.UpdateUser(BusinessObjectToLdapDirectoryMapping mapping, SearchResultEntry ldapEntry, List`1 updatedUsers, LdapCredentials credentials, X509Certificate untrustedCert, ISessionContext sessionContext, String& employeeCreationMethod, ExternalLoginSchemaInfo externalLoginSchema, Int64& maxSuccessfullUsn, Func`2 getFullLdapEntryHandler, IEnumerable`1 allSystemRoles, IEnumerable`1 newUserRoles, List`1 log)
      at SaaS.WebUI.Services.LdapService.UpdateProfiles(String settingId, String settingName, LdapCredentials credentials, String startNodes, String filter, String excludedObjects, BusinessObjectToLdapDirectoryMapping mapping, String userIpAddress, ISessionContext sessionContext).