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    How to import related Data in different Business Objects in a cloud environment?

    martin_kasper@santix.de Rookie

      Hello all,


      the issue is, that we need to import customer CI data in Business Object CI. So far no problem. Further we need to update the CI related Software. 

      First Step is to adapt the Software Inventory in FRS_LM_SoftwareProduct. Should be ok.

      But: FRS_LM_SoftwareProduct is connected with CI via CIAssocFRS_LM_SoftwareProduct and that points to Fusion Link.

      From an Import point of view, that would mean to import CI's first, then update BO SoftwareProdukt and finally update all the connections in Fusion Link Table.

      Technically doable via Database, but the issue is, that in a cloud environment, you don't have access to the database and via import interface, no  access tio Fusion Link. Even from security pint of view understandable. 

      But has anyone an idea how to import CI related software?

      First manually, but then automatically on a daily basis?