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    Set employee as owner of multiple CIs

    wynnb Specialist

      Trying to figure out an easier way to set an employee as the owner of several CIs. For example, when we get a new employee, we need to link them to (make them the owner of) a PC, monitor(s), phone, etc.. I want to have some sort of form where the techs can enter the items and submit all at once.


      I tried creating a quick action that prompted for these things, which LOOKS like what I want, but it doesn't work.

      This is a composite action with four Search and Link actions. Each one uses a relationship such as "EmployeeAssociatedCI:CI#Workstation" or "ProfileEmployeeAssocCI:CI#Workstation", and I entered the value like "$(ToString(!IsNull(Prompt("Enter Workstation Name"))))". I added the 'ToString' for Workstation name because without it I get an error, and the '!IsNull' in an attempt to avoid adding all CIs of that type when the prompted field was left blank.


      However, it either doesn't link items, or it links all CIs of that type (monitors, phones) whether the field is empty or not.


      Have any of you done something like this, or know how?