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    Block emails from logging tickets

    Gazz Apprentice

      How do I go about blocking specific email addresses from logging an incident which are mailed in? We have many general company emails that are sent out each one log tickets. 


      Is there a filter to block these email address from logging tickets?

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          AlasdairRobertson ITSMMVPGroup

          There is no direct block against an email address that I am aware of (except to only receiving emails from known profile records) here are a couple of alternatives:


          • It might be possible to block the accounts at the exchange level from the Service Desk mail box
          • Create a quick Action to close the records as spam
          • Add a Trigger Business Rule to close (or delete) records from the unwanted email addresses 
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            jhall1 Rookie

            You could create a required business rule based on Source = "Email" that would not be filled at time when email is processed. The Incident record would fail to create because the required field is not filled in.

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              Alternatively, you could preempt the Email Listener by using an exchange mailbox rule to move the email before the listener captures it. While that is not maintained in HEAT it is possible to allow users to create these rules if they have access to the mailbox. 


              I'm  not sure how your environment operates so I'll just harrowing it out there. We just launched and the business is still a bit apprehensive so they are still monitoring their inbox for inconsistencies right now.