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    Clientlifecycle - CI name the same after re-installation

    stephang Apprentice

      Hi everyone,


      i have a question about the discovery process.

      At first we (our support supplier) triggered a AD scan for all computer objects to come into CI. Then we deployed the agent. Then we let the system run for about half a year without even careing about the results


      Now we want to use the feature and discover that the data is old or complete garbage.


      Can you tell me how to set up the following scenario?

      • Agents are deployed via HEAT DSM (already done)
      • If a computer object gets deleted it gets archived in CI (SID in AD changes?)
      • New and running computers are always productive


      At the moment it seems like the old CI entry is still used and the agent status is not deployed (see picture)

      And it just got into "Production" after we initiated an ADScan.


      Best regards