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    Auto populate prompt

    yannick1 Apprentice

      Hi all,


      I have 2 fields in Task.Assignment; Actual Effort and Charged Effort. On completion of a task, the user is prompted for the Actual Effort and Charged Effort.


      I want the value entered in the Actual effort prompt to auto fill that of the charged effort as shown below:



      I created an editing as well as triggered action but these rules do not fire for the popup.However, when I manually enter the value of the actual effort in the field which i placed on the form, this autofills the charged effort.


      Is it that the business rules rules do not trigger in prompts? Has someone been able to achieve this?


      Thank you.

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          Hi Yannick,


          Not sure how are you prompting it, but if you are using the prompt function the last field is for the default value:


          prompt(message, pickList, fieldAreaWidth, fieldAreaHeight, password, required, defaultValue)


          In your case: 

          $(prompt("Charged Effort (min)", , 100, 25, false, true, ActualEffort))


          That should do the trick.



          Re-reading, you might be asking that when the user fills the ActualEffort on that prompt, then the ChargedEffort to be changed... I do not think that is possible, because when you type it you are not saving it yet, so the filed its still on "" value until you save... Maybe someone else have a different input.



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            AlasdairRobertson ITSMMVPGroup

            In addition to Daniel's response, yes Prompts will run in Business Rule triggers the conditions they will not run in is if the business rule trigger is fired by an internal process for example a workflow where there is no user interaction available.  You can find full details on the functions and when/how they run in the online help:


            Online Link to Prompt Help

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              yannick1 Apprentice

              Hi Daniel,


              Thanks very much for your feedback. I thought as much as you suggested about the actual effort value not yet being saved, hence it does not auto populate the charged effort.

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                yannick1 Apprentice

                Thanks Alasdair for the feedback.