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    ErrorBigScan Folder


      Hi again,


      Just a quick question, I seem to remember my CLE trainer saying that you cannot delete the contents of the ErrorBigScan... is this correct, its getting quite large on our server and would like to slim it down.





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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          Not at all - you can delete that just fine. if you really want (though you may want to be careful about it). All of the Errorscan directories are ultimately just storage repositories - there's nothing "live" or even overly important in them for most cases.


          "ErrorBigScan" is the folder into which scans go which are "too big" (as configured by the maximum scan-file size under CONFIGURE -> SERVICES -> INVENTORY-tab -> ADVANCED SETTINGS-button -> "Max Scan File Size" value).


          By default, this is 10,000,000 (10 Million bytes - roughly 10 MB). Depending on just how big your scan-files are, you either need to look at WHY they're so big (are you using a "MODE=ALL" software scan on a file server, for instance?) or if it's legit and you need to take the hit, you need to adjust the scan-file size.


          It's a "security mechanism" of a sort, to prevent a (say) 100 MB scan-file from a Linux File-server swamping the DB with just masses of unnecessary clogging (yes, this has happened) .


          So, you can delete those if you want, but really you should have a look at the settings I pointed out (and then, based on your judgement - you can just copy the files back to be processed for scanning, or delete them).


          I hope this clarifies your confusion and answers your question?


          Paul Hoffmann

          LANDesk EMEA Technical Lead

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            Thats perfect Paul, its all flooding back to me now,


            Thanks for your quick anwser



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              Where do you "copy the file back to be processed for scanning"?

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                in \\<coreserver>\ldmain\ldscan


                Kind regards,