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    Keeping Inventory With HEAT

    phan10ms Apprentice

      I'm attempting to implement a feature in HEAT where we could keep track of computer inventory based on linking a device to an incident.  What I would like to do is to input all serial numbers into HEAT and be able to link them to an incident when they're ready for deploy.  Upon linking a device, this would effectively remove the device from the available inventory list.  How would you guys suggest to approach this?  Please help.

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          The quickest way I can see would be:


          • Add a Boolean field to your CI called like: "Assigned"
          • Create a "Triggered Rule" for every time a CI gets linked to an Incident:
          • And use the rule to check the "Assigned" field.
          • Create a list constrained by the "Assigned" field (Show only the ones that are not true)


          You can always create a new rule when "Un-linking" to remove the flag if you want.


          hope this helps.



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