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    macOS Sierra Update fails

    systems@age.mpg.de Rookie

      We have problems with installing the most recent Sierra update with LANrev (7.3.2). It fails on every client giving the following error messages:


      [Installation Result Error]

      An error occurred while executing shell tool or shell script (Error=1).


      [Add. Status Information]

      installer: Package name is macOSUpd10.12.5Patch
      installer: Installing at base path /
      installer: The install failed.


      What we tried so far:


      - allow installation with / without a user logged in

      - change "Installation User Context" (i.e. Currently logged in user / System Account User /Other User)



      In the past when patches failed to install on every client we just deleted the patch and let LANrev redownload it and usually that helped, but not with this patch. We also noticed that the size of the patch is different when it is redownloaded, we had patch sizes varying from 800MB to 4GB (e.g. right now I see the patch with a size of 2,08GB).



      Any ideas?