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    Using Web Service Integration to provide simplified interface

    lgtandi Specialist

      Does anybody already have some experiences using "Incoming Web Service Connections" or "Web Services with External Messages"?


      We think about providing a "simple" interface for external applications hiding the complexitiy and internals of the HEAT data model. Just for example, it would be nice to provide a web service such as "GetIncidentStatus" that just has the incident number as parameter and returns the status of the specified incident. Using this simple interface the caller would not need to know a user with appropriate rights, that the object type is called "Incident#", that he has to access the field "Status", etc.


      Just from reading the documentation I can imagine that I could define an "incoming web service connection" or a "web service with external messages" to accomplish this. However, I do not understand the differences between these two mechanisms (if there are any at all). Which mechanism would be better for our purpose?


      Moreover, as I understand, I need an already working instance of my web service in order to use it with HEAT since it is required that I sent the request to HEAT before I can define the script to be executed if the request is received in HEAT. How can I do this without additional tools (unless they are free)?


      Many thanks in advance,