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    Some stations not appearing after the discovery agent was installed? Try this.

    ben.prinsloo1 Apprentice

      This might have happened on some sites where the agent was installed, but for some reason the asset doesn't appear in HEAT. There are a few issues to look out for which could make troubleshooting much easier.



      The agent was installed from either the gateway or directly downloaded, but after installing the workstation doesn't appear. 


      Trouble shooting


      In HEAT, check the last updates on all assets. Search for new assets that were created in the last day. This will give you an indication if the gateway is functioning.


      Start on the workstation

      1. Check the logs on the local machine (program files (x86)\common files\FRS). Check "JobQueues" for files that has "JobQueue_OutboxProcessorTasksQueue" in the name. Make sure the POST was successful. If it fail, check if the workstation can access the URL

      2. Check the folder C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\FRS\SaasIMClient\ClientMsgSender\Outbox . If there is a file in this folder, then the posting is stuck. Refer to (1) to find out the issue. 


      Move to the Gateway (If Installed)

      1. Check the same locations as with the client. Ensure data were posted, and that the gateway can see the main HEAT Discovery server

      2. See if there is a message stuck in C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\FRS\SaasIMClient\ClientMsgSender\Outbox as well (Folder location can change)


      All of the above checks out

      Go to the HEAT Server

      1. The first suspect is the Internal Services user. Make sure the Team and Org unit exist for the Internal user. If a team were deleted, relinked the Internal Services user. DO NOT CHANGE THE PASSWORD OR ANYTHING ELSE ON THIS USER!!!

      2. As an Administrator, go to "More" and search for "Message queue journal". This will give all attempts of the queuing messages that reached HEAT. It will also contain errors on the reason why it failed.


      The above is should cover 80% of the cases where and why it fails.