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    How to share "Saved search" by team ?

    morales Rookie

      For more efficient handling of incidents, we need to share the searches by team, not just roles. Indeed, the pooling of research allows us to work from the same data. We have more than 100 teams and we can not do this by role because it would be too heavy to maintain. Has anyone ever expressed that need?

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          You could probably have your team members group by the Owner Team field and work through the case load that way.

          Otherwise you could use a prompt in the on the saved search to require user input as to what team to run the search against.


          here is the expression: $(prompt("Choose Team: ",  "Incident Owner Team",  _,  _,  true,  _))


          This results in a popup dialog and requires users what team to search against. 


          Hope that helps. 

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            ann.ramsay Rookie

            Have a My Team's active requests which uses all the team we belong to.  The image doesn't seem very legible,

            Incident Team     In List    $(CurrentUserTeamNames)