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    Attach email to notifications

    dirk.odeurs@external.eni.com Rookie



      I am looking for a way to add an attachment to a notification message in a workflow.

      I've added the Attachment field in the service request but now need to send the attachment by email.  The notification block in the workflow of service request do not allow the possibility to select the attachment.

      (I could create a quickaction in the service request business object and use this instead.  However, I need to use different fields from the service request template to define the destination of the emails.  Hence, I would rather use the notificition block in the respective workflow).




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          elysey Apprentice

          Hi Dirk

          I haven't seen this kind of functionality to add attachments in a notification set up other than the one at the quick action unfortunately.  However to help you out with referencing fields from the request offering template, have a look at the thread below.  It will allow you to reference parameter fields in the request offering so they can be used within the Service Request quick action:


          How to add request parameter values to an approval email?

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            wynnb Specialist


            Did you ever figure this out? I actually started the thread Elyse referred to, but I don't think that solution will work in this case, because you aren't looking for the value of a request parameter, you're looking for a related object.


            I have this same question in relation to approval notifications. If there are any attachments in the request, I want to add them to the notification that goes to the approvers.

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              wernerbj Apprentice



              has anybody an idea to solve this problem? I am also looking for a way to add an attachment (as a related object of a service request) to an approval notification.


              best regards,


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                wynnb Specialist

                Bumping this to try to get it noticed.


                Can anyone from Ivanti help? In my case, and to restate Dirk's question, I need to send an email from a record (Request, Release, etc.) that contains a document that was attached to the parent record.


                This would be useful for approval notifications, and for things like sending a Release Notes document to stakeholders.



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                  stapletj@tbh.net Apprentice

                  I have a "temporary" field in my service requests that I've added specifically to pass things to Quickactions.


                  If you update the SR object to push the "To" address to your custom field, then have the Quickaction read from that to set the addressee of the email, you can use the QA logic to attach the file, which should work easily.  The rollup relationships are already defined in the attachement relationship. 

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                    wynnb Specialist

                    Well, I figured out how to send an email from a Release that contains attachments from that Release (embarrassingly simple...), but I haven't figured out how to filter which attachments to include.

                    In the Quick Action that sends the notification, simply check the box for 'Attach from related object' and select ReleaseProject (via Attachment#.) That window includes a Filter: box, but so far I haven't figured out the expression to filter for attachments with a specified name or type.

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                      louise.piper@it.ox.ac.uk Apprentice

                      Hi All

                      I'm trying to do almost exactly the same thing as I believe you were in this post, but not having any success in attaching the uploaded file to the email notification.

                      In this case it's an excel spreadsheet that is attached as an 'Upload' file' in the service request parameter hence saved as an attachment to the Service Request.

                      Once the SR is approved I need to be able to send a notification to another party including the uploaded file.


                      I've created a TempFile field in the Service Request Object and use an Update Block in the SR workflow to update that field with the email 'To' address as stapletj suggested but the uploaded file is still not being attached to the email.


                      Do you think there is something obvious that  I've missed please?


                      I was originally following the advice in Jerome Potucek's post:

                      How to include an attached file from a Request Offering in a Service Request email


                      I was wondering it is was something do do with the way I've set the attachments in the Quick Action?:

                      I've set the Include Attachments to Yes. Presumably I have to set where the attachment comes from so I've selected ServiceReq#|Attachment# from the dropdown. There is also a filter but I wasn't sure if I needed to define anything there?



                      Thanks very much