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    HEAT Service Management Incident Required Info Based on Category


      Hello all,

      We're planning a migration from HEAT Classic 9.5 to HEAT Service Management, and I'm playing in a sandbox environment to check it out. I see they have a Call Logging feature which looks like Classic, but doesn't have the same out of the box integrations the Incident does. The one biggie I'm not seeing how to replicate easily is the Detail tab in Call Logging. In classic, we have many detail forms to gather required info based on Call Type, but I'm not seeing the equivalent in Incident. I do see that I can create additional fields and make them appear based on the Category, but it would be a nightmare adding all of the conditions for all of the categories in the same form and dynamically showing them. What am I missing? Is it possible to create a form and just make the form itself appear in Incident under the categorization fields?