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    Email Task

    Gazz Apprentice



      I currently have a new starter SR which creates a few tasks for the Analysts to complete. One of the tasks is to email another division the details of the new starter including their email address once the account has been created.


      As we have many brands/companies they all use different domain names so the email addresses are not consistent which causes an issues when trying to automate this process.


      I am looking to simplify this process by creating an automated email within the SR with "To, Subject, Description" prepopulated (similar to how tasks are created). All the team will then need to do is alter the email address for the new starter in the description to show the full email address and send.


      Is this doable?



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          dcogny Expert

          Hi Gary,


          This is how I would do it:

          • Use the "Insert Child Object" Block
          • Set it up, making sure to include the "SaveDraft == true"

          • The Email should be added to the "Activity History" and ready to be edited and send:

          • Create a task for the analyst explaining what needs to be done (add the To: address and maybe tweak the text a bit)


          You might need to add a second boolean to the recipe (maybe the "IsAutogenerated") and change the Editing rules (not sure if it is OOTB, but right now we cannot edit emails not created by ourselves), setting the email to "Draft" AND "Autogenerated" would allow you a specific rule to permit anyone to edit the email (or maybe just the owner of the Service Request...).

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            philipp.reiser@uzin-utz.com Rookie

            Hi Daniel,

            I see in your 2ns Screenshot the section on the right for the email templates and signatures.

            Can you give me an manual how to set up this templates? 
            I also need this feature and do not know how it works.


            Many thanks to you,

            Kind regards,


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              dcogny Expert

              Hi Philipp,


              Those are new objects created by myself, you can have email templates as per HEAT:

              Knowledge base article #18255


              IIRC there was another article that explained it a bit better,but I could not find it. (EDIT: I found the link: How to add a pick list (drop-down box) on Journal.Email form which will trigger a corresponding Journal.Email quick action.   If you scroll down on that post I copy/pasted the way Ivanti recommends for email templates)


              My approach was different, the template is a new object linked to the employee, each employee can create their own templates with the HTML Editor:


              and then recover them when writing an email:



              And I used the same idea for signatures... I can go deeper in the explanation if you are interested, but for most the "Object template" approach should be enough.


              Let me know.


              Daniel Cogny.

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                philipp.reiser@uzin-utz.com Rookie

                Hi Daniel,

                I tried to build the E-Mail templates but it doesn´t work. Can you give me a deeper explanation how it works.

                Maybe you can send me a step by step manual for this. Screenshots would be helpful.

                Many thanks to you,
                Kind regards,

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                  dcogny Expert

                  I have nothing in writing, so I cannot give you something right now, but I will put together a "How To" and post it here. Should not take too long.

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                    dcogny Expert

                    Disclaimer: This was done long ago, I have reviewed the object and figured out the process, I might have missed something, let me know if it is the case and I will find it back.

                    Disclaimer 2: After reviewing, I am not sure that the Relationship Template <-> Email is really needed as you would use the PickList for reference, you can try without it and if you are having troubles with adding the template into the email, then add the Relationship.


                    Email Signatures Project


                    • Create EmailTemplates Business Object with the following fields:

                    New EmailTemplates Business Object

                      • Quick Explanation:
                        • Field: EmailID - For the link with email.
                        • Field: EmployeeID - For the link with employee
                        • Field: Template - HTML (It will store the template itself)
                        • Field: TemplateID – A counter for the templates (Optional)
                        • Field: Title – Title for the template, would be used for the selection dropdown.
                        • Field: UserID - To be able of narrow per LoggedID
                        • Field: UserName - To show the FullProfileName on the lists (Disclaimer 3: Reviewing the process, this is not needed, I first created it because I had in mind to allow other users to see the templates, but I ended up constraining it per user, so no need to show the username)


                    • Now create the Relationships (as per "Disclaimer 2", you might only need the first one):
                      • With Employee:
                        Relationship with Employee
                      • With Journal.Email:


                        • Template Form (for users to create the Templates). Using this method is much easier for users to create Rich text templates, the “Template” thing from HEAT itself it is not end-user friendly:

                        Template Form


                        • Template List:

                        Template List


                        • Nothing else created for this Object, only an initialization rule for the “TemplateID” to increment the counter, if you used it.
                        • Create a Pick List:

                        Pick List


                        • Add the Tab to the Employee Layout [Rule for hidden: $(LoginID != CurrentLoginId()) ]:

                        Employee Layout Tab


                          • Now you have a tab on you employee file, only viewable by the user itself (here is where the user can Add, Edit and Remove Templates) (You can change the rule and allow managers to view or view/edit their teams templates… use your imagination (☞^o^)☞ ). Personally, I didn’t change permissions by role, as only the user can get access to its own templates, there is no need of more granular permissions, keep that in mind if you want something different:

                        Employee View


                        • Next, we need to be able to use those templates on the Email form:
                          • Create TemplateTitle Field and Use the previously created list to validate it:
                          TemplateTitle field on Email BO

                          • Then add it to the Form:
                          TemplateTitle field on Email form
                          • Only for "Outgoing Email":

                        Title field hidden if not Outgoing


                          • Add Editing rule to "Journal.Email":

                        Editing Rule on Journal.Email


                        • You might prefer a different approach, in my case, the template will overwrite anything already in the body, I think is cleaner than trying to keep any text. The idea is: You select the template, the template goes into the body and then you edit it if you want (personalize with name or the temporary password for example).


                        I think that this should cover the whole thing, if you find something missing, something not working or have any other question, you know where to fin me