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    Anyone managed to create a ServiceReq out of an Incident?



      for a given incident the service desk analyst may decide that the resolution would best be handled by a corresponding service request. Has anyone succeeded in implementing this requirement.

      I tried to use an UI Action for this (scope: ObjectWorkspace, command: NewObject, data: 'ObjectType':'ServiceReq#'); this almost works, but when I save the service request the error is: 'Cannot save while action or save is pending' (???).

      I tried the same action, adding some field values (like Subject or ProfileLink_RecID or OwnerTeam) and receive some different behavior: Business object could not be saved due to: NULL value not allowed in 'SrvReqTmplLink_RecID'.


      I know, there are a few suggestions in the knowledge base, but I couldn't get any of them to work.


      Why can't I create a service request out of an incident in the same way as I can do with a task, or even a change.





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          florian1 Expert

          Hi Bernd,


          this was working fine in HEAT 7 but they seem to have removed this ability in HEAT 2014+.

          Have a look at this idea: Ability to easily convert an Incident to a Service Request

          There are workarounds (see the comments) but apparently there's no easy and maintainable way.




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            SusanJS Specialist

            Hey Bernd,

            If you are getting a "SrvReqTmplLink" null error, it is because SR requires you to identify the template of a request offering.  The structure of a Service Request is fundamentally different from a Task or Change since each request is tied to a specific template.  A request cannot exist without the template of parameters that is created when a Request Offering is made.  It's like telling the system you want pie and not specifying what kind of pie (chocolate, pumpkin, cherry, etc.).  You will need to decide which template (i.e. Request Offering) to use and grab the SrvReqTmplLink rec ID for that template.

            You can get the SrvReqTmplLink rec ID by clicking on the "Direct link to this offering" button from the Request Offering workspace.  It'll give you a long URL, but the end of it is the rec ID you need to plug into your action parameters.  I was mostly successful using the Insert Object action, but I'm still testing.

            Hope this helps a little.

            - Susan

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              Hey Susan,


              sorry for the late reply.


              I know that a service request is much more complicated in its inner structure, probably because it originated from an incomplete integration of some third party stuff into the business object world of ITSM (as it used to be called ages ago).

              My attempt was to find a way to create a new, empty Service Request programmatically (with a quick action or so) and then have the analyst select the right offering and fill in the form as required. Pretty much the same  that happens when I open the workspace manually and add a new Service Request. Of course I would like to set the Service Request's customer and perhaps link it to the incident.


              I think now that this is just not possible ...

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                Here is another rundown of the process using workflows, it should still be valid.


                How to create a service request form an incident[Uploaded File]

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                  SusanJS Specialist

                  The document Chris points to allows you to create a request using a specific Request Offering.

                  I wound up using this method: How can I convert an incident to a service request and display newly created request in new HEAT record tab?

                  This one brings over the customer info and links the Request to the Incident, but forces the user running the conversion action to select the request offering and fill out the form manually.  So, they do have to manually copy over some data from Incident.

                  However, instead of cancelling/closing the Incident right away, I have an intermediary status of "Transferred to Request".

                  There is a workflow on the back end that is triggered by this status and watches for the Incident/Request relationship to happen.  Once it does, it cancels/closes the Incident with the new Request number in the resolution that is sent to the customer so they know which request to look at.  If the workflow never sees that incident/request relationship, after say 2 hours (i.e. the user did not finish the Request), it will revert the Incident back to Active status so as to it not falling into a black hole.


                  Not a perfect solution, but getting closer.