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    Inventory - Security - Antivirus Software: why some clients send data and others don't?


      Hi all,

      I'm working on a customer' LDMS installation (8.8 sp2a and so on) and I've noticed that some client don't send data in the Security section of the inventory (which, of course, would be very useful to me now ).


      I also gave a look in the data collected by ldiscn32.exe (/O=Show_me_the data.scn) on one of the client (and it was updated, before you ask) but can't find any reference to this section.


      why that data is collected only by some clients, and not by others? and most important now, how can I have *all* the client tell me what kind of antivirus they are runnning (Security Suite and AV definitions is not an option here and now)?