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    Welcome to the Infrastructure Forum

    Support_1 Specialist
      The purpose of this forum is to provide a location for current and future NetInstall customers to interact with one another and share the wealth of knowledge that is currently available.

      The topics for this newsgroup shall be limited to those dealing with the Netinstall infrastructure and various AddOns. Examples of such topics are:

      a. Setup of Netinstall
      b. Configuring NetInstall
      c. Site management
      d. Replication
      e. The NetInstall Client and Service
      f. AddOns such as eXtended Workflow support, eXtended Reporting and Report & Analyze

      All discussion of packing/scripting issues should take place in the
      Packaging forum. http://forums.netinstall.com/viewforum.php?f=1


      Please be aware that although this discussion forum has been provided by NetSupport Solutions Inc. and participation by NSSI employees will take place there is no guarantee of participation/resolution for each and every topic.

      To receive the most direct and timely response to any NetInstall issue please contact the Technical Support Team directly. You must have a current Support & Maintenance contract or be in the process of a NetInstall evaluation to receive any support from the Technical Support Team.