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    mjones800 Rookie
      New here and looking for feedback on a function we'd like to have within our company.  For our incidents we use a combination of Impact and urgency to decide on the priority of a ticket.  All users should be able to choose the urgency of a new incident but we only want a smaller group of users to be able to edit the impact.  This ensures that only our core support team can move tickets to a much higher priority. 

      I created a read only business rule to facilitate this, example below.

      $(if CurrentUserInTeam("Team 1")
        then false
        else if CurrentUserInTeam("Team 2")
             then false
             else if CurrentUserInTeam("Team 3")
                  then false
                  else if CurrentUserInTeam("Team 4") then false else true)

      Although this works it has come to my attention that it is not supported. 

      Is there an out of the box method which allows restricting specific teams or users from editing a specified field?

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          Hi Mike,

          As admin for this HEAT Community, I noticed this question posted in the "Begin - Help and getting started" space of the community. I've moved it here to the HEAT Service Management discussion area for better visibility within the community.


          Hope this helps.


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          Wendi Wolfgram

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            ann.ramsay Rookie

            - The service desk has a different role than the technicians

            - The service desk can change the priority to/from 1 or 2, the technicians cannot

            - Priority is read only on the form

            - There is a new priority field for each role with the appropriate drop downs (NewPrioritySDA, NewPrioritynotSDA)

            - When they select the new priority it is propagated to the priority field with an editing rule. Since the editing rule depends on the field, it can be completely different for the two roles.