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    Reset Import with Data Analytics

    David.Kash Apprentice

      Hi, I ran a custom import to test the importing of our Leasing Information. This worked but it also updated items that had a blank in the key field with improper data. I was assuming it would ignore the blanks so I guess I need to use VB script or just remove them from the template. If anyone has info on that please let me know.


      Back to the problem, I now have inaccurate data in Asset Control that I need to clear out but I can't seem to get any of my new import rules to overwrite the data that is in there with blanks or NULL. How can I reset the information like it was new to then try my import again?

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          Recursion SupportEmployee

          When you import a blank value, it won't overwrite the existing value. However, there's a different between "null" and an empty string. I would see if making the value just 2 double quotes in your excel sheet will overwrite the improper data with an empty string. Visually, the result is the same, but to LDMS, there's now a value there.


          Another option is, if the value will always be blank, you can make that value a static value of "". But based on your post, it sounds like some entries may have data in that field and not just blank.


          Failing that, you'll need to delete those machines individually. If there's a common characteristic you could create a query and delete based on that, but you'd need to know what machines need to be deleted to validate the query results against expected results.

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            David.Kash Apprentice

            I will try and update it with "" and see how that works. I do not want to delete the entire record as that record should be in there, I just want to clear out some of the values associated. I could remove them directly from the database but I did not think that was a good idea even if it was just a reference table.

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              David.Kash Apprentice

              That did not work. I tried importing it both ways and it leaves a ' or "" in the field. I want the field to be just blank or null. I know where this data is stored in SQL and it seems like that option was removed but it would be useful in this case. Can I just go in there and clean up the database myself if DA can't accomplish this task?

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                Recursion SupportEmployee

                You could, but I wouldn't recommend it.


                Taking a step back for a moment, when you said your key field had blanks, is this the value you're specifying for your Import Key?

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                  David.Kash Apprentice

                  Yes, so let me get to specifics. I had a Spreadsheet of Lease Info where the key was Serial #. I missed the fact that some of the lease items were not updated with the serial # and thus there were blanks in my key fields. When it updated it appended lease schedule info Cost, Date, Contract, etc to records that were in AC that also did not have serial numbers (Those were from a Solarwinds Import that for some reason did not pull that info and I can't edit that import).


                  All I am trying to do now is reset those items to blank or NULL and reset the import somehow to ignore the blanks, either by a vbscript, removing blanks from the import or specific targeting. I can't do that until I can clear out those records to essentially reset things I need to clean up. Maybe I just need to run a different rule type or something but I just do not know how to accomplish this task.

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                    David.Kash Apprentice

                    I forgot that I did not reply here. I had to write a custom SQL Query sense you can not insert a blank with DA. Not what I wanted to hear but that was the answer