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    NI00110:Error when loading project in manager on Win9x

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      PROBLEM:  Windows NT-Specific Scripts Do Not Load Under Windows 9x

      Document ID: NI00110

      Products: All NetInstall versions

      Last Revised: 01/09/20003

      I repackaged an application that installs services under Windows NT.  I then tried to open the package from a Windows 9x machine.  Instead of opening the package, the NetInstall Manager displayed an error message that said, "The script cannot be loaded, because an error occurred loading AddOn xniNT.dll."

      Scripts that contain commands that apply to Windows NT only, such as those for working with services, cannot be edited under Windows 9x.  If a package contains a script with this type of command, it will not load under Windows NT.

      Attempt to open packages containing Windows NT-specific commands under Windows NT only.