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    NI00358:Install operating system service packs

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      HOWTO: Use NetInstall to Install Operating System Service Packs

      Document ID: NI00358

      Products: All NetInstall versions

      Last Revised: 01/09/2003

      Can NetInstall be used to distribute operating system service packs?

      Operating system service packs usually have parameters for silent unattended installs. Launch the service pack .exe with the /? switch to determine whether unattended parameters exist. If so you may write a script that contains an Execute command. Add the necessary parameters after the executable and your package will launch the service pack as an unattended installation.

      As an example the command line parameters for Windows 2000 Service Pack 3 are as follows:
      -u Unattended Mode
      -f Force other apps to close when the computer shuts down
      -n Do not backup files for uninstall
      -o Overwrite OEM files without prompting
      -z Do not reboot when installation is complete
      -q Quiet Mode (no user interaction)
      -l List installed hotfixes
      -s: Integrate Service Pack files into

      Note: Microsoft does not recommend repackaging operating system service packs because they contain many machine-specific installation instructions. Attempting to do so may render the operating system unusable.

      http://technet.microsoft.com/ Search for "Deploying Service Packs"