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    SI00667:Multiple Mgnt Points and one DB server

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      HOWTO: Use one database server for multiple Management Points

      Document ID: SI00667

      Products: NetInstall Inventory Option, eXtended Reporting

      Last Revised: 11/20/2003

      Multiple NetInstall management points can store their data in the same database server.

      NetInstall management applications such as NetInstall Inventory Option and eXtended Reporting utilize a Management Point (IIS server) and an ODBC database such as MSSQL or Oracle.

      When a Management Point is installed one of the pages in the wizard asks for the database server where all data sent to this Management Point will be kept.  If all defaults are accepted through the remainder of the wizard a database will be created named ‘NIManagementDB.’  This would infer that a new database server is required for each Management Point since 2 databases in the same database server can not exist, which is not the case.

      The wizard screen shown below allows you to change the configuration of your database.  When you reach this screen simply highlight the text ‘NIManagementDB’ that appears on the 3rd line of the Parameters box and replace it with a different database name.  A database of the name that was provided will be created and all data for the Management Point being created will be written to this database.