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    SI00623:Remove the Outbox Agent on a client machine

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      HOWTO: Remove the Outbox Agent on a client machine

      Document ID: SI00623

      Products: NetInstall Inventory Option 3.0

      Last Revised: 01/10/2003

      Removal of the Outbox Agent requires running RegSvr32.exe with the parameters for uninstallation.

      Once the NetInstall Inventory Option is installed the Outbox Agent, which handles sending the inventory data from the client to the Management Point, is installed. If you need to remove the Outbox Agent this is not accomplished through the removal the SSI projects.

      You must run RegSvr32.exe to unregister the Outbox Agent which is a COM server. The syntax is as follows:

      regsvr32 /u ivOBAgent.dll