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    Create Link in Startmenu under XP (Pin to Startmenu)

    baudi Rookie
      I would like to add a shortcut to the netinstall installer directly to the windows xp startmenu, so that the users just have to click on Start and then they see the netinstall installer icon.

      Just now I was not able to create such a script. I'm able to create shortcuts under "Start - All Programs" but not direct in the startmenu under the explorer and outlook Icons.

      I tried to spy the "Pin to Startmenu" process and I saw that he makes some strange registry entries and some changes in the windows\csc directory.

      Can anyone help me. Thanks
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          Support_1 Specialist
          Hi Baudi,

          after you created the shortcut manually on your PC, you can go ahead, open a new NetInstall script window and drag the link into your script. NetInstall will automatically create the appropriate CreatleLink command for you.
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            baudi Rookie
            Dear Support

            Thanks for your answer. But this works only for links in [Start] [All Programs], not for links directly pinned to the startmenu. If I drag a pinned link from the start menu to Netinstall, he is creating a shortcut to his corresponding link in [All Programs].

            If I pin something to the start menu I only see some changes in HKEY-CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\StartPage. It looks like he is saving this settings in the [Favorites] Key.

            I can copy now this key to the workstations, but it's not really flexible, because I someone already has pinned other shortcuts to the start menu he will lose his links.

            Guess there is no other solution available from Netinstall. Maybe a good new functionality for a next version.