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    Site Determination order of Precedence

    Crypt Rookie
      I read the KB on the order that NI evaluates the site which the client connects to. I have a couple of issues. The first is that it simply didn't work. I added an additional site / server to our Org. Both the site and server name are alphabetically sorted before the existing master server... however even after adding the IPs to the new site, the clients didn't resolve to it. The master server has an all inclusive range and they defaulted to that. It maybe was an issue on the clients where they needed to refresh the site list (?) but it started working only when I put in an exclude of their IPs on the master server.

      ... which brings me to issue #2... I don't *want* to do an exclude as in the case of failure of a site I want them to default back automatically to the primary server. This gives me the benefit of automatic failover.

      Suggestions on how to accomplish this?  I basically want to be able to define all the sites with their actual ranges of IPs but also have an all inclusive list of IPs on the primary server so if any of the other boxes go down the clients would default back to it.