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    NI00105:Procedure Entry Point Error

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      PROBLEM: Procedure Entry Point Error

      Document ID: NI00105

      Products: All NetInstall versions and AddOns

      Last Revised: 01/05/2004

      When a NetInstall module is executed e.g. NiMgr32.exe, NiInst32.exe, ivClient.exe, etc., a Procedure Entry Point error is displayed similar to the one shown below.


      This happens when binaries from different releases of NetInstall exist on a client or server.

      Verify that files from different NetInstall versions are causing the problem.  Configure Windows Explorer to show the file version information.  All NetInstall binaries are in the form of ‘X.X.X.X’ as shown in the picture below.

      The first X is the major version of the NetInstall product (at the current time the NetInstall major version is 5 and NetInstall Inventory Option is 3).  The second X is the minor version.  The third X is the Service Pack level.  The fourth X is the build number for the binary.

      Variations in the fourth X are to be expected.  This number is increased each time NetInstall is rebuilt by development, for reasons such as patch creation and continued development for future releases.  The first three X’s for each product should always match so for the current version of NetInstall all binaries should have the version number 5.70.1.X, for NetInstall Inventory Option binaries the version number should look like 3.10.0.X. NOTE: some binaries included with a NetInstall installation are not managed by NSSI, they are 3rd party files used for additional functionality. These are easily identified as they do not follow the versioning pattern described above.

      If you are receiving a Procedure Entry point error please verify all the NetInstall binaries in the root of the NetInstall Server directory, the AddOns directory on the NetInstall Server and the binaries contained in %ProgramFilesDir%\NetInst on the client that produced the error follow the described pattern.  If they do not, follow the appropriate procedure below:


      Case1 – The binaries in %ProgramFilesDir%\NetInst on the client contain binaries from different NetInstall versions.  In this case re-run the client Installation by launching ‘InstallClient.exe’ from the root of the NetInstall Server

      Case2 – The binaries in either the root or AddOns dir on the NetInstall Server contain binaries from different NetInstall versions.  In this case re-run the setup/upgrade for the current NetInstall version and in the case of the Enterprise Edition update all other NetInstall Servers.

      Case3 (EE only) – The binaries on the client are all of the same version and on the server are all of the same version are but different from each other.  This will only happen where the server is a lower version than the client.  This can happen if a NetInstall server is upgraded to a new version of NetInstall and then a client from that site move to a different NetInstall site which has not yet been upgraded.  To fix this situation either uninstall the NetInstall client and reinstall from the site which has not yet been upgraded or upgrade the NetInstall site.