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    NINV00055:Inventory Specific File Extensions

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      HOWTO: Inventory Specific File Extensions

      Document ID: NINV00055

      Products: NetInstall Inventory Option 3.1

      Last Revised: 01/14/2004

      By changing the configuration settings for NetInstall Inventory Option it is possible to record all files with a designated file extension.

      NetInstall Inventory Option, by default, only records software installed on a workstation that has been identified using its product fingerprint database.  By changing the ‘Options for Basic Inventory’ setting in the ‘Inventory Settings (Client)’ through the Manager it is possible to add specific file extensions to include during a client inventory.

      The ‘Options for Basic Inventory’ default setting is ‘-fni.’ This tells the inventory client to not record inventory information for ‘Files Not Identified’ (files not recognized by the fingerprint database).  If this setting is changed to ‘fni’ all files with an ‘exe,’ ‘com,’ and ‘sys’ file extension are also recorded and will be displayed in the ‘Files not Identified’ section of the inventory console for each computer. See picture below


      You may customize the file extensions recorded by the inventory process through the following syntax ‘fni:exe+dll+com’  In this example all files with an extension ‘exe,’ ‘dll,’ and ‘com’ will be recorded.


      NOTE: Although this customization of the inventory data could also be performed with NetInstall Inventory Option 3.0 and 3.0 CF the console could not display the associated data.