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    NI00341:Replication troubleshooting

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      PROBLEM: No replication of projects and databases

      Document ID: NI00341

      Products: All NetInstall Enterprise Editions

      Last Revised: 12/15/2003

      After setting up the replication for a project NetInstall users sometimes wonder why the replication status of the project does not change, even if they waited longer than the actual polling interval for the project.

      The replication process is divided into three replication threads, Configuration Database thread, Project Database thread and Project Data thread. Before the actual project can be replicated information about the existence of the project, stored in the database file (nidb.nid), and the replication targeting, stored in the Job Definition File (project.jdf), must be replicated. This information is replicated by the Project Database thread, not the Project Data thread. Unfortunately, the Project Data thread is typically the only thread that is checked by administrators when verifying the replication of a project.

      To check whether the Project Database thread has completed, you can right-click on the root of your site structure and choose replication status.


      The ‘Databases’ column indicates which databases are not current (replicated) and in which context.
      Note: ‘Current’ in the status column only indicates that the configuration information (.ncp files) is current in this context.

      The most typical reason why Project Database replication does not take place is due to the database being locked through the NetInstall Manager, either from yourself or another administrator.  This can easily be verified by right-clicking on the database in question through the manager and selecting ‘Explore database directory.’ If a file named nidb.lck exists this means the database is in use by someone and therefore can not be replicated at the current time. This is a simple text file that can be opened in notepad to determine the current user of the database. Replication of the Project Database can not take place until this lock file has been released.

      If this did not solve your problem, please check you replication log files. You find the log files on the server where the associated replication service is installed. Log files ending on _NCP represent the configuration thread, log files ending on _NID represent the Database replication and the files ending on _Projects show the replication progress of in individual projects.