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    aaronk1 Rookie
      I was wondering if anyone who does images for there pcs, have the netinstall client in the image.  Are there any problems that might cause the netinstall client not to work properly by having it in a image.
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          Ryan.Gray Apprentice
          biggest problem i could see is some big infrastructure changes where server names in the NCP in your image no longer matches any valid server names in your current production.

          Not terribly likely to happen but could happen.

          PLus any upgrades that might need to occur since image was taken.

          We use images but left the client out for that and a few other company specific reasons.
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            ddaniel Rookie
            We have done it and the Netinstall client is pretty resiliant.

            However, you need to delete the client.id file in the NetInst directory.
            If not all your workstations will use the same GUID in inventory.

            If you accidentally rollout with it, just delete the file.  Inventory will figure it out and assign a new GUID.  There is a directory you may want to clean up to.  It will have the GUID.