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    Have NI-Install start with Logged-in User to run at night

    Markus.Hartmann Rookie
      Hi Everybody!

      Well, I need some help on a serious problem that we are trying to solve. Acctually this works up to 90% *gg* only the NI-Server makes hard issues.

      We want the NIagnt32 to stop and start during night-time so that all installations can start when user is not in the office.

      - Step1:
      Computer is online and User is logged in but locked!

      - Step2:
      created script that calls the AT-Command.

      from the Admin-PC we enter "RUN_OSP3.BAT >Computername< >Time<"

      at \\%1 %2 /INTERACTIVE C:\run_osp3.bat
      net use Y: \\%1\C$
      copy run_osp3.bat Y:\
      copy "C:\Programme\Support Tools\kill.exe" Y:
      net use Y: /D

      @echo off
      C:\kill niagnt32.exe /F

      rem      make break for 10 Sec.
      ping %1 -n 10 > NUL

      C:\kill.exe outlook.exe /f
      C:\kill.exe saplogon.exe /f
      C:\kill.exe sapgui.exe /f
      C:\kill.exe winword.exe /f
      C:\kill.exe powerpnt.exe /f
      C:\kill.exe pfif.exe /f
      C:\kill.exe excel.exe /f
      C:\kill.exe iexplore* /f

      rem      make break for 10 Sec.
      ping %1 -n 10 > NUL

      del C:\kill.exe

      Now, the script runs perfect at the >Time< stated at the remote-pc stated in >computername<. It even show the script to the logged in user, BUT after starting the NIAGNT32.EXE again it shows ... Netinstall-Server not found ... :-((

      What we did is writting a SET between the commands and there it shows that this script runs as the NIService-Account  and the Windows2000-Default User.

      Even after calling the  NIAGNT32.exe >NETINSTALL-SERVER< command, it states that the Server can not be found ....!!

      HELP .. how can we solve this?? Do I need to enter a SET= ??? Variable in this script? Or create a Reg-Key to show the script which Server it needs to contact???

      I Highly appreciate any help in this matter!
      Either state your help in here or email me to: stingrayma@yahoo.de
      - be aware this email will be checked daily but is only for forum-groups.